Sunday, 4 December 2011

3 Early Signs of Virus Infection on a PC

Anti Virus ProgramsViruses are so malign in nature that big companies and governments spend a lot of money to prevent them from getting into their systems. Everybody is afraid of what the outcome of having viruses in their system may be. You may not be aware of the presence of these programs in your computer some times, and these could mean some ill. You’d want to avoid having viruses in your computer at all cost. But you may not even be aware that they are already in it.

That’s why I want to share with you some signs your computer would display if you have a virus program in your computer in this article. Once you notice any of the signs I would be sharing below, you should install a strong antivirus program to help you remove it.
If your computer is meant to work very fast, like let’s say you have something around 500GB hard drive and 4GB random access memory or RAM on your computer. Looking at the high capacity of such a computer, you’ll want to agree with me that it should not perform slowly under any circumstances.
Then, if yours’ is with this value of capacity and it is somewhat unusually slow, you’d want to see that the files and programs on it are not the ones slowing it down. Once you’ve proved to yourself that they are not then you may go ahead to agree that you have a virus program in your computer.
Unexpected Closure of Running Programs
There was a computer I bought for my blog that features acronis true image coupons and Norton antivirus code back then. At some point I began to notice that my windows do shut down unexpectedly. After meeting several computer technicians and engineers, it was traced to me having viruses in my computer.
Oftentimes viruses may not allow you to install some programs on your computer. Whenever you notice something like this on your computer or that of your friends, or office, you should get a good antivirus program to get rid of it.
In this way a virus can make you lose your files, especially when you’ve not saved them before the window shuts down unexpectedly.
Excessive lose of Internet Bandwidth
Another sign that you’ll see when you have a virus in your computer is when your internet bandwidth usage is becoming too high compared to the way you are using it. If you are not downloading excessively and you notice that your internet bandwidth is reading something else, you’ll want to check if this is the work of a virus.
Viruses also use the internet whenever they are in your computer. For example, if a virus wants to send you browsing history and passwords to its programmer it will make use of the internet.
There are also instances where viruses download files from the internet and install them on your computer. Whenever you notice this in your computer, you should run a quick system scan for viruses on your computer. You might also need to schedule a boot time scan to make it more effective.


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