Friday, 13 January 2012

How To View Hidden Friend List On Facebook

Hello geeks “SURE2DOWNLOAD” is back again with awesome article on Facebook.
Today i got a brilliant idea to view hidden friend list of your friends who uses privacy setting and hide their friend list.
So it a just simple trick using Facebook friend finder.
so if you want to view friend list just follow few steps given below.
1. First of all make new Facebook  fake or original account
preferably fake one lolz.
2.Add that guy or girl to your new Facebook account
3.when he/she accepts your friend request(hopefully) then you are having 1 friend in your friend list.
4.Now go to find friends option or click here
5.Now according to facebook algorithim facebook suggest you that people those who are alredy in the friend list of your friends.
6.So if you are having just one friend then facebook show you all the friends.
so for any query or problem must contact us
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anurag mishra said...
14 January 2012 at 09:36

must cheak out it is working......

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