Thursday, 29 December 2011

How to increase your Torrent download speed


A lot of us entire depend on the torrent service to download anything.Say for example, movies, softwares, albums, etc. But since the sizes of these files used to be so large (around 1 GB),it takes a long time to finish the download,even though it depends on the user download speed.
But what if someone say u people that u can download torrent file with double the speed of what you possess !!!!Yes,now with a simple free software,u can increase your internet download speed upto twice the normal.
And the software is CHEAT ENGINE 6.1 
Just follow the steps below,which is very easy to do..and be amazed with the speed you get to your torrent downloads...

how to-

1.) Download the Torrent client to your computer like Utorrent,bittorrent,etc and install it.

2.) Now Download the Cheat Engine to your computer and install-you can download cheat engine 6.1 at

double your torrent speed
3.) After installing both the Utorrent (or any other) and Cheat Engine open both.

4.) Switch To Cheat engine window now, Now you can see a “computer like symbol” on the top left corner of the window opened . 

double your torrent speed2
  It is used the open the processes running in your system.

5.Click the computer like symbol and browse the list thus opened and select the torrent process from it and after selecting  it click “open”.

double your torrent speed4

6.Now again repeat the same step as above ,but after selecting the torrent process, now click on “Attach debugger to  process”.

double your torrent speed3

7.You will get a message to press yes or No. Click on Yes.

double your torrent speed5
8.Now you have to Enable Speedhack and make the speed limit to 0.5.

  To do so,see to the right side of the cheat engine window and select "enable speedhack".Then change the number 1 (default)to 0.5 .

double your torrent speed6
9.Now finally you have to click on “Apply” .

10.Don’t close the Cheat engine , just minimize it and After few seconds you can observer increase in the Torrent download speed.Please dont close the cheat engine as it is effective only when it runs along with the torrent application.

Hope you people liked the post and was of some use to you.


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