Monday, 19 December 2011

How to Disable Notifications from Any Facebook Group

Facebook Groups is a great place to connect with like minded people.But if you have joined a large group which is too frequently updated by its users then it can be irritating.You will get notifications every time somebody posts into group.The best remedy is to disable (or customize) the notifications from the group.

How to Disable Notifications from Any Facebook 

  • Login in to your Facebook Account.
  • Goto the homepage of the Group from which you want to disable Notifications.
  • At the upper right corner you will see a Notification button. Click on that button and select the OFF button. This will stop all the notifications from that group.

  • You can also customize notifications using  Settings button. Under this button you select the activities of group for which you want to get notifications like all Posts, Friend’s Posts.
  • Then click on Save Changes button.
Once you have Disabled notifications from the group you can  revert the settings anytime i.e. make it ON to receive the notifications.

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