Thursday, 8 December 2011

How To Customize And Make Facebook Better

Well with over 800 million user Facebook has proved that  it is unarguably  the most used and loved social networking site. Facebook is very simple to use and easily manageable. But it would be very interesting  and fun to change your Facebook to the way you want. Now you can put colorful text, unlike a status, rate a  friends’ posts. All this is possible by just using an extension called as Social Plus. This extension is supported for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
SocialPlusChromeExtension How To Customize And Make Facebook Better
All the features which you can customize are mentioned below  but before that you have to Download Social Plus and install it . You do not have to worry about selecting the Browser because it would do that automatically.
unnamed How To Customize And Make Facebook Better
1) Colored text. Bold, Italic, Underline and Strike text.(Available as soon as click on a text box to write some text in it. You will get small buttons to edit text.)
2) Large number of emoticons. (Open Facebook chat and there you will see emoticons option)
3) Dislike option next to the Like option. This has been in lot of demand by Facebook user. Now you can dislike any post using this. (Below each post you will find this option besides Like)
4) Profile Skins (Go to your profile and choose Profile Skin from SocialPlus! menu)
5) Photo Preview (Just scroll over any picture shared by your friend and you will see an enlarged version of it).
All the options of the Extension are here.


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