Friday, 2 December 2011

facebook users by country

Facebook – The best social networking website on the planet is still growing and increasing in with number of users dynamically. It can be seen as in the beginning of 2011 there were over 600 million users of Facebook, and now when 2011 is about to end facebook users have reached 773,784,240. From the count it doesn’t look like facebook will be able to reach the mark of 800 million users this year.
As seen in the image above, the strongest green area is the most top of the countries of Facebook users are still the same as the previous months is the United States (155,981,460), then the second position is to Indonesia with a total of 40,829,720 users, the third is India 38,045,000, and the fourth is a United Kingdom 30,481,300. For details of top 10 countries with the largest Facebook users are:
10 Largest Countries
1.United States155,981,460
4.United Kingdom30,481,300

The fastest growth was seen in “Nicaragua” of 6.57% i.e. 39,160 users in last week followed by South Africa. Seems like the company with the largest user database in the world might suffer some problems in near future to control the growth. Lets hope Mark Zuckerberg will stop giving fake warning of shutting down facebook showing the increase in user-base and ongoing problems to maintain it. Tell us what do you think by replying in the comment section below.-sure2download

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