Thursday, 29 December 2011

Enable New Google Navigation Bar


Google has unveiled a new navigation system for its services, which will replace the current bar that resides at the top of the all Google services in the coming days. The current navigation bar at the top with the black background revealed by Google a while ago has been given the thumbs down by most of the users out there. In the meantime, we got to see many tricks and implemented them to change the design and color of the bar.
In order to make users happy, Google is now launching a new bar that will be available to all the users very soon. Although, some users are already having the new Google bar on their Google webpage. As often happens with Google, they first choose a small group of users to try out their new things and later make available to everyone within a week or month time.
Coming to the new navigation system, there will be no navigation bar once the new navigation system will be rolled out to everyone. Google logo, which could be found at the top of all Google services, will now have a down arrow, and hovering the mouse over it will open a drop down menu containing the links of all popular services like Gmail, Google maps, News, Search, Youtube, Documents and many more. In the right side, you’ll see share box and Google+ notifications (visible from any Google page).

As I stated above, Google hasn’t made the new navigation system available to all users. But some clever folks out there have found out a way to enable the Google’s new navigation system right this second. Google Chrome users can follow the instructions below if you want to enable new navigation system right now. 
Get New Navigation System In Chrome Browser-:
Step 1: If you use Google Chrome browser, go to, press Ctrl+Shift+j to open the developers tool.
Step 2: Add the following line of code in the console tab


Step 3: Press Enter and Reload the Google page for the changes to take effect.
Get New Navigation System In Firefox Browser-:
Firefox users can get the new navigation system by adding the same value (cookie) mentioned above in the web console of the browser. Let me make it simple for you.
Step 1: If you use Mozilla Firefox, press Ctrl+Shift+k to open the web console.
Step 2: Add the above code in the console tab.
Step 3: Press Enter and Reload the Google page for the changes to take effect.
I’ve tried this trick in Chrome and Mozilla browser and it’s working. You can use the above mentioned trick without worrying about your data and all stuff, as it’s just a cookie that can be removed by deleting the cookies from the browser.  If you need any kind of help, feel free to comment below. Also, do share your views on the navigation system. I’ll give this redesign the thumbs up.

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